Outpost 247 – ett äventyr till Alien RPG

Vinnarbidraget i en tävling för att skapa ett scenario till Alien the role-playing game är klar. Tävlingen arrangerades av den officiella Facebookgruppen för spelet och med i juryn fanns, utöver undertecknad, även spelets skapare Andrew E Gaska. Vinnarbidraget är skapat av signaturen AL Lis.

Trips to Weyland-Yutani’s frontier outpost 247 have all been canceled due to a worsening political situation in the sector, war might be imminent. A group of strangers with different backgrounds and agendas find themselves booking passage on the last cargo ship willing to make the run.The ship, the USCSS Pioneer is captained by veteran space trucker Elizabeth Dawson and its shuttle is owned and piloted by an ex-military pilot named Nellie “Nels” Parker.The passengers are:Anthony Graves, a colonial Marshall investigating a murder.Dr. Gunther Loos, a physicist late for a meeting with outpost scientist.Ellie, a newly employed roughneck headed to her first day on the job at the outpost.Ken Watanabe director of new projects for Weyland-Yutani.This cinematic scenario was inspired by movies such as Stagecoach or Hombre where strangers are traveling together and are thrust into impossibly tense circumstances.

Ladda ner Outpost 247 för Alien RPG här (pdf).